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Ive beaten the elite four and got a starter from each reigon on my B2 now I am doing a team overhaul including 2 legendarys a starter and 2 others including a ditto and a Lairon as well as a ampharos and I need to train my level 29 prinplup and possibly my ditto that I have. where is a good place to train them?

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The best places to train is the stadiums in Nimbassa City because the athletes get stronger as you go through the game. There are more trainers at the two stadiums in B/W games than the in B/W2 games, so the best results for your Prinplup is to trade it back and forth, if you have 2 DS's, a B/W, and patience to spare. Since you say that your Prinplup is only 29, give it a lucky egg or an exp. share and switch out if the athlete's Pokemon are stronger.

Note that the people in the two stadiums change daily

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somehow i lost my EXP share (i think its with some guy in japan or europe or with my brother) but the lucky egg will do :D thx thx thx
There also the Dream Yard as well. The Pokemon there range from about level 50-65. I'll have to check.