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So I want a Volcarona with Hidden Power(Rock) I was going to give it HP(grass) but I think teaching it Giga drain and HP(rock) is a better option. anyhow.. for HP(rock) I need:

(hp, att, def, sp. at, sp. def, sp)
x/x/x/31/30/30 - the problem is every calculator I use gives me ranges (29-30) I need to know if it's 29, or 30. if it's 29 I'll release the pkmn. but if it's 30, I can move on to the next stage.

I know if I bring the Pokemon to level 100 I can tell once and for all. but I don't have rarecandy like that, and I'm not about to spend 3 days training a Pokemon only to find out the IVs weren't what I needed it to be.

So PLEASE someone tell me how to measure this accurately. I'll provide with information as to what I'm doing, and how I'm calculating this:

Im not sure if this site has an IV calc, but I googled it and I've been using the one in serebii, psypoke tool & marriland. I input ALL information (even optional information) in the calculator(s).

I bring the pkmn from level 1, to 20. noting ALL EVs gained. SO I can input this info on the calculator and get (to my understanding) an accurate reading. Yet I keep getting ranges..

someone help :(


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So to have HP rock, at Lv. 35 (the level you catch it) it needs to have:

Speed inducing nature that lowers Atk or Def(Hasty, Timid): X/X/X/110/89/93

SpA inducing nature that lowers Atk or Def(Modest, Mild): X/X/X/129/89/85

SpD inducing nature that lowers Atk or Def(Calm, Lax): X/X/X/110/97/85

Those are the optimum nature but with a neutral nature it will be(Lonely,Bold,Hardy, Docile, Bashful, Quirky, Serious) : X/X/X/110/89/85

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He said he used the one from Serebii and it only gave him ranges. Just pointing that out. I didnt actually test the calculator.
yes, I did say that. btw, I read somewhere that I can tell the exact IVs by looking at the characteristic(?) like if it's (on speed) "Quick to flee" = 29 & "Likes to run" = 30. After checking with the stats judge & it's 'fantastic'. this true or false?
I edited. So now it needs that many in those stats with that kind of nature.
But because it needs 31 ivs in SpA, it will always have the "Mischevious" iv. Or if it has 2 31 Iv's it might say somethuing else
I think I finally understand. I copied a list of what the characteristics represent. With that + the stats judge I can tell the IVs. "Fantastic + likes to run = 30 speed IV" correct?
No clue, but these lists of stat numbers will tell you whether or not it is the proper ivs.