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You see, when I start a Sinnoh Game I ALWAYS chose Starly for my Flying type.And now I want to choose Zubat for my Flying Type.Is Crobat a good Choice ?
If Crobat is a good choice, I want Moveset with moves obtainable only from Leveling Up or TM/HM, NOT breeding. Thanks

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Crobat would be better because of the superior speed

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I would choose crobat because he got better Stats


  • Wing Attack / Airial ace (Wing attack if you dont have the TM)
  • Poison Fang
  • Steel wing
  • Fly

Hope this helps I think crobat is a better Pokemon




  • Steel wing
  • Fly
  • Quick attack
  • U-turn

Methinks that Close combat isnt very usefull in game because of only 5 pp soo I replaced it with quick attack. If you have heart scale you can replace it afterwards when you reached The battle tower


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Jofly, do you mind if I answer this too? Totally your choice.
you could answer if you want flare as i said before i dont care that much i just try to help others.
How bout use cross poison instead of poison fang
he didnt want any egg moves
so what would you do to eliminate dark,steel,ice,rock and normal types? leave the dark and normal but how you cover your weakness ? and close combat's PP can be increased to 8.  ok whatever....
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Staraptor by far.

SO much better in Stats, Moves and everything else.
enter image description here
Here's why:

Crobat Weakness:
Electric, Ice, Psychic, Rock

Staraptor Weakness:
Electric, Ice, Rock

Staraptor has a way bigger Movepool, and with access to Close Combat and Brave Bird, it can be so much more efficient and helping than Crobat. It can also be taught Heat Wave by the Move Tutor (Crobat can too but Staraptor uses it better) and it also get's access to U-Turn and Steel Wing like Crobat, but again, uses it better. It's ability Intimidate also comes very useful throughout the game.

This is the set I run whenever I use Staraptor:

Trait: Intimidate

  • Close Combat
  • Fly
  • U-Turn
  • Heat Wave

This is the set I run and I recommend to you. So overall, may Staraptor be your choice.

Oh and to add, Heat Wave is a Special Move I know. But in game, you don't look too much at EV's and probably end up investing Special Attack EV's into Staraptor anyway.
haha do you choose staraptor because Crobat got one more weakness?
Nope, it is genuinely better in all aspects, maybe not that good Defencive Stats but it is certainly way better than Crobat. No offence :D
well, I cannot give BA here.It is everyone's choice.so +1
But i like mine more because Crobat got better Stats
crobat will have the advantage of poisioning them if it knows toxic and other poisonus moves but will also have a disadvantage of supereffective psy, ice, rock and eletric type moves as staraptor
has only electric, ice and rock supereffective moves so staraptor would be my choice...
Not only the weakness, but also Poison doesn't help much In Game. The easier way is for you to go into Hyper Offence.
even though this ingame, people take one look at that special attack and they'd have to be really stupid to keep heat wave
I would choose crobat because I like its attack
Lol, Heat wave helps you in no aspect... Fire only takes out Bug, Grass, Steel, and Ice (All taken care of by Close Combat and Fly) so i would actually suggest you try Roost, if you can, or go for something like Return, for decent attacking power
I don't know why you had to put the weaknesses. Even though Crobat is weak to Psychic Types, doesn't mean it can't withstand them. Shadow Ball will easily take out a Psychic Pokemon no problem, and with it's high speeds, it's a certain first hit. Even Deoxys's Speed form can have trouble keeping up with a Crobat that has a good ability.
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This is more of and experience response. Having found a Shiny Zubat (And almost having a heart-attack) really impacted my respect for it. Crobat easily outspeeds Staraptor, and Crobat can hit pretty hard. I had a Staraptor and never really liked it, and back then I really loved making my oppenent's Pokemon have Status Effects. Crobat did a very good job with that, confusing and constantly poisoning other Pokemon. It's low defenses are made up in it's Speed and Attack, and with a good nature, it can easily take out any foe with a breeze. I know it's Sp. Atk is low, but here's the Moveset I chose - Sludge Bomb, Fly, Shadow Ball, and Confuse Ray.

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Well,i would choose the both because they we're have same stamina and power.here's the movesets to:
Crobat:(gen 4 and 5)
Held item:Leftovers
-Air Slash (It may flinch the foe and many PP's)
-Sludge Bomb (his perfect poison move)
-Substitute/Double Team (to survive or to increase your evasines)
-Shadow Ball (Good way to kill those psychic Pokemons)

Staraptor:(gen 4 and 5)
Held item:Leftovers
-Aerial Ace (Ignores Accuracy)
-Roost (To rest without sleeping)
-Close Combat (Perfect way to crash those annoying ice Pokemons)
-Fly/Brave Bird (strong powers and for fly can be used to fly to another city)

i hope this was helpful.

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the air slash info is wrong, it doesnt have high crit ratio, that was air cutter, air slash have percentage in flinching
Oh yes i forgot about that
Okay it's already edited
Arlington, I disagree with Crobat's item. Black Sludge would be a much better replacement, especially if the oppenent Pokemon isn't Poison and has Theif, or any other Item stealing moves.