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lol. We talked about this earlier. I said Salamence was the best flying type.

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Fast, Physical Sweeper, powerful but frail without lots of Defense and HP investment. Good for Choice Band sets, Life Orb sets, Bulky Roost sets(occasionally), or Choice Scarf sets.

Togekiss: Bulky, good staller or paraflincher with Serene Grace. Can be great team support, can set up rocks. Good for Follow Me sets in Doubles/Triples, or a Jirachi replacement.

So, it depends on the situation.

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you didnt say it was used at all xD
Leboss uses Defense/Roost, that's what I meant by a Bulky Roost set. :P
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Togekiss has a wide movepool but good stats and Staraptor has a "not really great" movepool but fantastic stats. So I say Staraptor.
For Ingame you're gonna need a fly user and togekiss has low physichal attack so staraptor has er there
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I gotta say Togekiss.

This japanese spiky bird is so damn annoying.

>Togekiss, along with many of its DPP OU peers, has descended from grace (no pun intended) due to the numerous new threats introduced in the generation shift. As the OU metagame struggled to achieve stability, Togekiss was passed up in favor of Pokemon more suited to combat current threats, ranging from now-banned threats such as Thundurus to today's mainstays, namely Dragonite and Rotom-W. Coupled with a Stealth Rock weakness and competition with the omnipresent Jirachi as a support Pokemon, its usage dwindled as a result.

Togekiss @ Leftovers
Trait: Serene Grace
EVs: 252 HP / 56 Def / 200 SpD
Calm Nature
- Thunder Wave
- Air Slash
- Roost
- Aura Sphere


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I have used both Pokemon before, but I have to say that Togekiss is better.

Togekiss has a much more colourful movepool, and having a Normal-Flying type was a really good combat for the Elite Four in HGSS, though you are probably playing Sinnoh.

Of course, Staraptor is good if you want strong Flying-type moves, so it's your choice. :)

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I'm actually gonna argue for the raptor

One word can describe Staraptor: simple. Base 100 speed and 120 atk mean its designed for pure physical offense, and its the best bird for the job. Staraptor is unique as it is the sole viable user of powerful physical flying stab, except for perhaps crobat (whose high speed is balanced by a lower attack and low movepool, and honckrow, who is slower and best left to mixed attacking. Here's a very useful set.

[email protected] scarf
Ability: intimidate
Nature: jolly/adamant
Evs: 4 hp 252 atk 252 spd
Brave bird
Close combat
U turn

Choice scarf fixes any speed issues and makes Staraptor on of the best revenge killers around. Brave bird is the primary stab, with return being the recoiless counterpart, and close combat nailing the rock and steel types. U turn keeps your momentum going. Quick attack and double edge are other notable options.

Remember. There's a reason this bird is banned from uu. Don't mess with this raptor. Hope this helped