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So I don't want to use an over-used flying Pokemon on Platinum.

-Must be able to learn fly and defog
-Good defenses
-Good speed
-Good attack and the special attack doesn't really matter to me
-Must be obtainable without nat dex


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Moderate defenses, great speed, nice attack stat. Can learn Giga Drain and other good moves.

Super Luck ability, nice movepool. Defenses aren't quite up to snuff, but everything else is good.

Overall, if you are going for a sweeper, use Crobat. His speed stat is very good. Honchkrow is more of a bulky tank or something.

You can't catch a Murkrow until you get nat dex in platinum, I think. Let me edit that this is pre-natdex
super gengar man ill trade you a pidgeot or a honchkrow or a crobat
we are giving suggestions to your requirements.  we cannnot magically make the pokemon appear in your game.
Unfortunately, you can't get Honchcrow in Pokemon Platinum. Derp.
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Perhaps you should consider:

Drifblim @ Lagging Tail
Fly (STAB)
Defog (you know why)
Shadow Ball (STAB)
Payback ( lagging tail )

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I can't catch a Pidgey in Platinum -_-
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Personally I would choose honchkrow. The fact that it can deal with pesky psychics is a bonus. And if you have hg/ss you could breed it and teach it brave bird.