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Unless you have another Pokemon with strong attacks like Psychic, Air Slash, Giga Drain etc with high Special attack( i.e. a good special sweeper with good coverage), yes.

What I mean is, Mothim is an OK (bordering to good) choice for Special coverage sweeping. With the right EV's, Mothim can just own. If you already have another Pokemon for that purposes, no point keeping both Mothim and Staraptor. Staraptor is physical beast, while is quite good(if used properly) as a special attacker.
In short, I think, yes.

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i will use staraptor as physical sweeper and mothim as a special sweeper
yup. that's how u gotta use em..
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In my opinion, it is worth keeping staraptor because it is powerful, can be used for fly, and can learn good moves. But I dont think keeping mothim is worth it because it is another of those useless bugs who are incredibly weak. You should try replacing it with yanmega if you want a bug/flying type. Yanmas can be found in the great marsh. This is just my opinion just saying.

u r rite..
still Mothim is not THAT bad..
its not horrible but its definitely not good
Good Point!