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I got a blaziken from pokedit and when I try to battle online on Black 2 it doesn't let me enter. It says there was a problem with one of your Pokemon participation. Can I enter pokedit Pokemon?


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You can, but only if they have Legit abilities, moves, EVs, and other such things. Make sure blaziken's ability is one that he can actually have without hacking, same for his moves. If his set is legit, it may be a glitch.

Are you sure? because I've tried to bring legal Pokes from PokeGen, and that doesn't always work.
I think TPCi also said they would have something to stop cheated Pokemon or something, but that may be just illegal pokes they were talking about not sure. Not necessarily though.
I'm pretty sure there is a certain way you have to do it. This is more of a question for Sciz, but I know you could use them in random matchup at one time.
Ben is right. Aslong as all the abilities, moves, nature, item and EVs are all legitimet then you can.
I use my Pokedit'd Pokemon on Rndom Match-Up and it's fine.
He has speed boost which is his hidden ability and legit moves  and still o.o