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There are just 3 moves that increase evasion. They are...

Acupressure: Acupressure raises a random stat - Attack, Defence,
Speed, Special Attack, Special Defence, Accuracy or Evasion - by two
stages. It will always choose a stat that is not already maximized.

Double Team: Double Team raises the user's Evasiveness by one stage,
thus making the user more difficult to hit.

Minimize: Minimize raises the user's Evasion by two stages, thus
making the user more difficult to hit. Stats can be raised to a
maximum of +6 stages each.

The moves Stomp and Steamroller hit with double power against a
Pokemon that has used Minimize.


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Acupuncture(Only a 1in 6 chance though, also increases 2 stages)
Minimize(Raises evasion 2 stages)
Double Team(Raises 1 stage)

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Acupressure (random)
Double Team

Note that Acupressure is not banned in competitive play, but Double Team and Minimize are.