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I heard Lt. Surge speaking about how his Pokemon helped him in the war but I can't recall anyone else speaking about a war.

Was this just some sort of easter egg put in by Nintendo or just a subject they never developed? Please tell me!


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I guess you could call your struggles against Team Plasma a war, or indeed the fight between cloned and original Pokemon in the 1st movie (although that was more of a battle).

>He's referring to the war he fought in, not some actual Pokemon World War.

Anyway, that's someone's theory from the Serebii forums; this seems to be the most likely explanation of Lt. Surge's talk of war. There's no other mention of it by anyone else, so I think this was an isolated affair, rather than anything large scale.


There has been a 'war', which is the one between the brothers who controlled Zekrom and Reshiram, who were the sons of the king (who coincidentally was the kinda-sorta-unofficial owner of Victini)

However, one day, the twin sons of the king—the Hero of Truth, who controlled Reshiram, and the Hero of Ideals, who controlled Zekrom—began a war over their beliefs.

This is the only one I can think of. This isn't the one Lt. Surge refers to, because it happened a 1000 years ago. Otherwise, Surge is looking pretty good for someone over 1000.


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I guess it was just un revealed then. Maybe Nintendo will develop it later.
'un revealed'?

In any case, I doubt they will develop Surge's story line, unless they run out of character ideas and bring him from Kanto.
Or he could just be making it up to make himself look hard. :)
Yea that too, but there is the theory is that, since he's called "The Lightning American", his war is referring to one in our world, e.g. Vietnam or Gulf War, and he just somehow travelled to the Pokemon world.
Or maybe it's just a game so Nintendo just put it there.