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So I have this Magic Guard Abra;
Gender; Female
Ability; Magic guard
Nature; naughty (hehe)

Her nature isn't what I need it to be (Timid) So I paired her with a male Abra and began to hatch eggs, in the hopes of getting a male/female Abra with a Timid nature and Magic Guard ability. Alas, this is easier said than done..

I've been hatching eggs for 2 days now, up to 60 eggs a day. So far I've only seen 2 Timid Abras and neither had Magic Guard. what I did manage to get is;
Gender; Female
Ability; Magic guard
Nature; Modest

Modest is ok for an Alakazam (+SAtk -Atk) but I much prefer the speed over the damage boost. This alakazam will utilize his Magic Guard by using a Life Orb, so i'm more interested in the speed boost as a nature.

So here are my questions; am I doing this wrong? is there some way to speed this up? or do I just need to keep hatching eggs and hope for the best? over 120 eggs and only 2 Timid natured Abras, neither with Magic guard.. it's a little discouraging :/

(this was posted on another forum. posting it here for double confirm/fail safe)


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Yes there is a way!

Give one of your Abras with a timid nature an everstone and you will have 100% of having a baby Abra with a timid nature when you breed it. Unfortunately I dont believe you can get abilities this way so you will just need to hatch more eggs but it will really speed up the process.

EDIT: It turns out you can pass on hidden abilities when breeding with another Pokemon from the same egg group. It is 60% that it will pass on the ability, so keep breeding.

Sources: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_breeding#Inheriting_Natures

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thanks! I didn't know it was possible to passdown natures with male pokemon. I jumped from Gen III to Gen V. I got my Abra yesterday :)

Thanks again!
Your welcome, glad I could help! :)