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In Sapphire my internal battery has run dry, however my Heracross which I traded over from leaf green and original sapphire has pokerus. In the game he does not infect others but neither does he seem to be cured of pokerus. My question is will pokerus increase my heracrosses attack state constantly or not at all as my Heracross has the special ability Guts (When Heracross is inflicted with a status condition, it's attack is raised by 50%).
Any ideas??

Everyone should understand my logic though, I mean it takes up the status condition block.

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Pokerus does not count as a status condition. It will not gain any attack boost anyway from guts. So No, it will not still gain any attack boost.

Source: Experience + Logic

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experience ? you have seen Pokerus yourself ?
I misunderstood. Now I have changed it.