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Becuase every time I use it one pokemon with these abilities they don't take effect. when I used dig they dig but not with earthquake.


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Static: has a chance of paralyzing the victim when attacked directly.

flame body:has a chance of Burning the victim when attacked directly.

has a chance of poisoning the victim when attacked directly.

whenever you get hit by a move that makes Contact, the ability will take effect. it has to be a move the physically hits to work (most physical attacks, with a few exceptions, one of them being earthquake.)

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Oh I thought they activated when hit by a physical move but that makes sense becuase it is not touching him are stone edge, rock slide, and rock tomb the same.
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It's all about CONTACT. Static paralyzes on contact, Flame Body burns on contact etc.

Some moves make contact with the foe, i.e. your pokemon touches their pokemon (usually in physical moves).
Some moves don't make contact (usually special ones).

Dig makes contact, so those abilities activate.
Earthquake does not make contact, so those abilities do not activate.