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I need to know if Gastrodon or Virizion is better for my Pokemon team. This is Pokemon Black 2.

My Party:

Heat Wave

Double Team


Psycho Shift
Shadow Ball

Dragon Pulse
Draco Meteor

So what do you think? And Gastrodon is currently on my team with Protect, Earth Power, Ice Beam, and Scald.

You know, both of these are great pokemon, but your team lacks a strong physical wall. You have 2 special walls and 2 mixed walls, but no physical wall leaving you open to be hurt by pokemon and fast physical attacker or a Tyranitar in the sand to rip your team apart. And although it might seem awesome to have a physical attacker like Virizion, something like Gothitelle or cosmic power Sigilyph can also out last it unless you hit the former with a +2 Leaf Blade and the latter with a +2 Stone edge. Butkeep in mind that they can both easily KO you too. Not as for gastrodon, a third mixed wall is completely illogical as well.

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Virizion is very flexible in the fact that it can be a physical or special attacker. But your team is full of Special attackers so this Virizion needs to be a Physical Attacker.

enter image description here

The reason I chose Virizion over Gastrodon is because you already had a Water Type in your team, Lapras. Plus Gastro and Lapras both play the same role in the fact they are Bulky Pokemon. So getting Virizion in there gives you a strong Physicial Attacker.

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This really helpful, thank you.
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Forgive me for essentially remodelling your entire team, but I don't think either Gastrodon or Virizion will provide much coverage for your current team. Also, your HM slaves aren't complete (I don't know where you are in the game right now, so it's hard to tell).

I know this is an in game team, but that just means you need to rely on type advantages even more.

Pidgeot - only has 3 moves? It's also not a great bird/ flying Pokemon, because of low stats. It can also only learn 1 HM move
Meganium - has no attacking moves. I'm not too sure what it's even there for.
Lapras - okay, but Thunder and Blizzard only have 70% accuracy w/o weather, so not that great
Latias & Latios - I wouldn't have both on the same team. They're weak to the same things and cover the same things as well.

Judging from the fact your Pidgeot knows Heat Wave, I think you should be at Humilau because the move tutor for Heat Wave is there. Or maybe it just came with the move when you traded for it.

Pidgeot - Fly, Roost, Air Slash, Quick Attack
Meganium - Cut, Strength, Aromatherapy, Energy Ball
Lapras - Waterfall, Surf, Ice Beam, Toxic/ Frost Breath
Latias - Psychic, Recover, Dragon Pulse, Thunderbolt

So Latios is a bit unneeded.

Replacement suggestions:

Virizion isn't that good in light of your current team, because of its x4 Flying Weakness. You already have Meganium, so I would suggest another Fighting type.

Terrakion - Close Combat, Stone Edge/ Rock Slide, Earthquake, X-Scissor
Scrafty - Drain Punch, Crunch, Ice Punch, (filler move; Dual Chop maybe)

Chandelure - Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Confuse Ray

Though Terrakion is a viable suggestion I think she wanted a decision between the two :P
They have very similar movepool just Terrakion has a 2x weakness. Though your point about Meganium may be correct Terrakion gets nothing over Virizion apart from Stab Stone Edge and Earthquake which is useless with its two stabs. Virizion still has Stone Edge and a special attack which is very useable. Nice answer btw
Virizion's special attack is negated by a poor move pool. It'd be Calm Mind, Focus Blast, Giga Drain + Hidden Power. HP in-game is liable to be a type that gives no coverage, and Focus Blast's 70% accuracy is really poor, especially because Virizion has Sacred Sword.

If you give Virizion a mixed set, it would work since it's in-game, but if Meganium and Lapras are both on the team, then Virizion and Gastrodon aren't of much use. o3o
Thank you. Sorry I forgot to list Tailwind for Pidgeot, and Meganium has no attack moves because it is a Pokemon who stalls. Im thinking of giving it another moveset.  I really need a Pokemon who has an advantage on Ice.
Lapras has an advantage over Ice; it has a double Ice resistance and Ice has no resistance to water.

If you want, Chandelure has an Ice resistance and has STAB moves that are super-effective against Ice.