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Does anyone have any information regarding the future Pokemon games? Did they announce that after the release of the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y games on 3DS that they were going to stop producing games for NDS? I really don't want it to be the end. If anyone has any information, please reply. I'd be thankful! Peace bros! :)

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Nothing has been revealed as of yet. Honestly, it depends on the sales of X & Y. If they get high levels, they most likely will start to produce more games for the Nintendo 3DS. As you might know, nearly everyone wants to technologically advance, and Pokemon isn't an exception. Also, they might produce some spinoff games for Pokemon, if any, for the DS.

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I don't want to advance. :( I love my DS Lite. I refuse to trade it in, when they will probably come up with a new system in a few months.
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Though no one is certain, it is most likely that Pokemon games will stop being produced on NDS, as the 3DS has certainly changed DS gameplay, and new systems must be used, while the old ones slowly go away. Also, since the new Pokemon games, as well as the side games (Gates to Infinity) are both being produced for the 3DS, it is a bit hard to see GameFreak + Nintendo to go back to the regular NDS

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