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I had my Tympole set up Aqua-Ring and it had 36 HP out of 55 HP, when it said typole had restored his health, it healed nothing. This happened the whole battle and I beleive in the next one too. In a later battle though, it had 36 Hp out of 55 HP again, and it healed from 36 HP to 39 HP. What's wrong? I have never cheated, hacked or even glitched on this game or on my DS Lite. I did buy the game used at a Game Stop. I'm worried because this is not the first glitch, it once froze when I turned off the C-Gear. The whole time I've had the game, It was never glitchy, and there have been no sigins of hacking or cheating, although I did not look at the file that was on it before I deleted it, though. I want to know what happened most likely and why.

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The only method that isn't a glitch that would've prevented your Tympole from healing is if your opponent had used the move Heal Block.

If the opponent did not use Heal Block on you, then yes, this is a glitch with your game.

As for why it happened, who knows. Games glitch out all the time. No game I have ever played is completely free of glitches or bugs, and there is always some certain thing you can do to mess up the game. Hacking the game makes these glitches more likely to occur, but since you said you haven't done any hacking, it's just a game being a game. Just be glad Pokemon isn't Elder Scrolls.

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I thought the games weren't very glitchy during and after generation three so the glitches quite suprise me! Thanks!
No, the games are still quite glitchy, just as every video game is. They aren't as glitchy due to improvements in technology (not having to worry about that internal battery dying for example) but they still will glitch every now and then and there are plenty of known glitches with BW2.