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Adamant nature (att.+/sp. att.-) Destiny bond (breeding), and frisk. I'm very happy about these things!
I intend to keep it a shuppet until level 50, when it learns trick.

2 questions though. If I evolve it at lv. 50 (by keeping it a Shuppet until then) will it learn trick at the level for shuppet (50), or the level for Banette (much longer lv.66). Or can I just evolve it at lv. 51? I'd like to know this because I'm wondering if evolving a pokemon after lv. 50 will affact It's stats at the battle tower.

Also two moves to go with destiny bond and trick please!


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Oh yeah, Shuppet will still learn Trick! That technique is used a lot to get Metal Claw on a Ninjask/Shedinja.

Also, two good moves to go with Banette would be Shadow Claw for STAB, and Thunder Wave or Will-O-Wisp for crippling.

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Awesome, I have  3 shadow claws and it learns will-o-the wisp by level up! SICK
I suggested both of those...
I ment this comment for both of your answers! no hard feelings :) I just gave will best answer because his move recomendations didnt exclude trick and d. bond
I wasn't excluding them.
Oh, yeah just noticed 'one of these moves' sorry :(
Its nice to give it to people who don't ALWAYS get best answer though
Your not one of those people lol
It's fine, Just didn't want you to misread what I wrote.
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Oopsies, I'm so careless. I meant Shadow Claw. xD
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If you evolve it at level 50, it will ask if you want to learn Trick during the battle, then afterward, it will evolve. As for a set, I would recommend one of these moves:

Shadow Claw: Better because of higher attack.

Will-o-wisp: Gives the foe a burn, which also lowers attack.

Payback: Banette doesn't have the best Speed, so this will work well.

Thunderbolt: Good move to have. Surprise move.