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Lets say you are making a team and want to use your new, awsome, destruction machine Deoxys as a sweeper. Question is: Is there a reason to use Deoxys-N over Deoxys-A?
They got almost the same stats, only Deoxys-A hits harder and falls quicker. But Deoxys-N is also almost as weak as a Blisseys Defense. Their movepool is basically the same, so is there any reason for using Deoxys-N over Deoxys-A?

Deoxys Normal form

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No, there isn't. There's only a 30 difference in Deoxys-Normal def & sp. def, whereas on a Deoxys-A, the 30 is invested into Attack & Sp. Atk

For all it's worth, Deoxys-N will only be able to take a very small increase of damage than Deoxys-A, and it will very likely be KO'd anyway. However, Deoxys-A will have a better chance of taking its opponent out before it takes any damage.

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