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Which has better stats/moves?


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They're both meant for different roles in a team. Gengar is typically meant to hit hard and fast with special attacks like Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Energy Ball, etc.

Steelix is very bulky in the defense department, but lacks special defense and speed, making it very vulnerable to special moves.

Out of the two, Gengar is better because it has its speed to support it, but they have different roles in a team to begin with.

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Seeing as how the Two Pokemon are COMPLETELY different, It totally depends on the team they're with.

Gengar makes a great special sweeper, and has high speed with a large variety of powerful special moves. It has low Defenses However. Gengar is very Powerful since it can learn ALOT of surprisingly strong moves that still cover basically all of it's weaknesses, and the speed is great. But of course, it isn't the longest lasting Pokemon, and has no significant defense. Levitate also helps it last much longer against Physical Sweepers with Earthquake.

Steelix is much more Defense focused, yet still has strong Attack, but with very low speed. It has low Special Defense however.

If Steelix is trained with EVs in special Defense or HP, or holds Resistance berries, it becomes very hard to kill as it has VERY high survivability against any Pokemon without a really strong Water or Fire type attack. Steelix is an all around good Pokemon, The few weaknesses it has are Lethal, but If you're in control of a battle and have eliminated most of it's threats, Its extremely hard to beat.. It is similar to Aggron in many ways, But Aggron has Higher Attack, and Steelix has Higher Defense.

My pokemons are infernape, abomasnow, floatzel, honchkrow, steelix, and garchomp. I think that gengar is powerful and I want to add it in my team but I dont know what will I replace it with.