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I just got strength on my pearl so I went to wayward cave secret area and I caught three gibles after ages!!

which one should I train for my team or should I find some more??
p.s: I really don't want to find more ;-(

Gible 1
naive, quick to flee
HP 44, attack 26, defense 19, sp defense 18, speed 23

Gible 2
mild, capable of taking hits
HP 46, attack 27, defense 20, sp defense 21, speed 19

Gible 3
impish, alert to sounds
HP 43, attack 27, defense 22, sp defense 18, speed 20

if these are really rubbish then I will try to catch another but I don't really want to
what ball should I use to catch another as well?

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What r the levels
This was asked last year. By now, the problem should have been solved.
if you do want another gible, use a dusk ball. 3.5x when used in caves.

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Gible 1 is the best because actually has a decent nature. Jolly would better with high ivs in attack and speed.

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Gible 2 the only thing that is not that good about it is the speed and it can take hits. You have a keeper there

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Go with the last gible, it has nice speed attack and def focusing on what gible and his line of evolution should be.