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I am making my Alakazam have his attack stat raised by the attack stat medicine so that someone would use a Pokemon with high defence. If I am right, if a pokemon has high defence/attack then it will have low sp. defence/sp. attack. My Alakazam would use a physical move (drain punch), and the low defence will do loads of damage!

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Kind Of Situational.......... If Your Opponet had High Defense and Special Defense, it wouldnt work. A Special Based Alakazam is 100 times better, it would be better to just switch to a physical pokemon to take down a pokemon with low defense, instaead of trying to use Alakazam.

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Thanks, I just thought to use Alakazam for a surprise attack!
I do like the look of this strategy though. Have you ever thought of doing this kind of strategy with Medicham? Drain Punch, paired with Bulk Up and Pure Power, would really help Medicham stay alive. Not to mention that the damage would be pretty moderate too.