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I looked up on the GTS a Pikachu and a picture showes a lv 7 Reshiram (nicknamed Pikachu Gender:boy)is this even real?

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Obviously so.

  • It's a LV 7 Reshiram.

  • It has a gender.

  • Just as a side note, a common GTS glitch occurs where a Pokemon nicknamed another Pokemon will come up in the search.
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I think it's a clone glitch.
(Can't get to source on Bulbapedia due to server issue, but you can search "clone glitch" on Bulbapedia.)

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Yes. It is a glitch in the GTS. Nobody knows how it occurs. People use it to trick fools to give legendaries to them for free.

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Yeah, like my " Victini " ,you search Eelektrik to complete the dex, and they present you a male, level 40 Victini. What a pity ...
Getting Victini is a pity???
The pity is the Hack of Victini, being male ...