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They both are ground types, physical attackers and get a STAB for Earthquake. I know Swampert can have avalanche to defeat Torterra but it has STAB grass moves.

Torterra. Watch your grammar.

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I would definitely chose Swampert.
It have a more usefull type-combo, first and foremost. It may be 4x weak to Grass, but that is the only thing it is weak to on the other hand. Torterra have a similar 4x Ice weakness, but also present a weakness to Fire, Bug and Flying, all quite common types. Offensively, Torterra don't fare any better, having slightly worse coverage with Grass then Swamperts Water type.

But it is in stats the Swampert start to really overtake Torterra. It is stronger in every stat except for Defense, and combining only 1 weakness with 100/90/90 defences make Swampert a formidable tank. Torterra suffers from its bad Special Defense, making even a neutral Attack hit harder than desired. In a 1 vs 1 battle, Swampert would always win due to its higher Speed and Ice move coverage. And one move Torterra desperately wants to use, Giga Drain, is rendered useless due to its pathetic Special Attack.

In moves, they are very similar, both having access to powerful STABs, coverage moves and support. Torterra is slightly more versatile on the offensive side, sporting powerful moves such as Superpower and Outrage. But despite this, Swampert is better at the job of being a Tank, since it can hit hard, phaze and set up. Sadly though, both lack any reliable form of recovery, so they have to rely on Rest and Leftovers to regain health.

Here is the set I (and almost everyone else) use for Swampert:
Swampert @ Leftovers
Trait: Torrent
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 HP / 4 SDef
Adamant Nature
- Waterfall
- Earthquake
- Ice Punch
- Stealth Rock

That would be all, hope it helped.

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Well OK Il choose Swampert. Its just that Torterra just looked cool :/
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I definitely agree with flaffy, but torterra can be a good choice user:
[email protected] choice scarf
enter image description here
ability: shell armor/ overgrow
EV's: 252 speed/ 252 att /4 hp
nature: +speed -sp att
wood hammer
stone edge
crunch/ superpower/ outrage
Torterra has a great attack stat and great movepool. With a choice scarf, he is quite surprising and he hits pretty hard.

[email protected] choice band
enter image description here
ability: overgrow/ sheell armor
EV's: 252 hp/ 252 att/ 4 sp def
nature: +att - sp att
wood hammer
stone edge
crunch/ outrage/ superpower
Banded Torterra hits very hard. His hp stat is already pretty decent, so this set makes him pretty bulky. You can always switch the choice band for leftovers if you want to.

Swampert is definitely better, I just wanted to show how Torterra can be used.
*Angry Cough*
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Ability: Overgrow
Item: Expert Belt
Evs: HP 252/ Atk 4/ Def 252+
Stockpile (raises Def and SpDef)
Sunny Day (increases power of solarbeam)
Solarbeam (STAB, Overgrow, Sunny Day)
Earthquake (STAB)


Ability: Torrent
Item: Rindo Berry
EVs: HP 252/ Atk 4/ SpDef 252+
Earthquake (STAB)
Curse (Up Attack and Defence)
Hydro Cannon (STAB, Torrent)