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Like, I sort of always thought that a wild Pokemon with greater or less Def, Acc, Spe, or SpDef would have a lower or higher catch rate in that battle. But now I'm not so sure. So I was wondering if using moves such as Tail Whip, Flash, or String Shot would help me in my catching!

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No, it doesn't.

Only major status conditions (e.g. Paralysis) and decreasing the target's health will increase your chance.

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Actually, lower the pokemon's defense in the first and second generation DOES increase the catch rate. I got an original Pokemon Silver for Gameboy color for Christmas, and I just caught Lugia today.

I nearly spent all day trying to catch it just by putting it to sleep, and dropping the HP. I spent 33 Great balls trying. One the second try of lower it's defense stat, all it took was 3 trys with Fast Balls.

In conclusion, lowering the defense stat with moves like LEER, does help your odds of catching wild pokemon.