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My brother says that the chances of getting a Shiny Rayquaza are programmed in at the beginning of the game (Emerald). So, if I fight it the first time and it is not Shiny, it will never be Shiny. But if it is Shiny the first time I fight it, it will always be Shiny. Is this True?


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Your Brother is wrong. There are people who get Shiny Rayquaza after many days of restarting their games. The chances of getting a shiny however are 1 in 8,192, so you're very lucky if you do get it.

I believe now however in the more recent games it is impossible to legally obtain a shiny legendary in-game. I may be wrong on that however.

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I'm talking about Emerald.
So is LCB. He got a shiny Rayquaza in Emerald.
yup. I am still depressed about emerald breaking soon aftwerards >.>
Aw, I hate it when that happens...unless you lying...oh, wait, I can read minds. Your not!
My SlowBro really is wrong... I can't trust anything he says!