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My brother says that the chances of getting a Shiny Rayquaza are programmed in at the beginning of the game (Emerald). So, if I fight it the first time and it is not Shiny, it will never be Shiny. But if it is Shiny the first time I fight it, it will always be Shiny. Is this True?

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Your Brother is wrong. There are people who get Shiny Rayquaza after many days of restarting their games. The chances of getting a shiny however are 1 in 8,192, so you're very lucky if you do get it.

I believe now however in the more recent games it is impossible to legally obtain a shiny legendary in-game. I may be wrong on that however.

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Actually, I think that many of the legendaries are capable of being shiny.
Restarting as in turning off and on again?
Yes, there is also soft resetting which you can do by pushing a combination of buttons on your ds.
Are you sure, Mr.K? My brother says I will wast the rest of my life trying to get Shiny Rayquaza in Emerald... He actually heard it from his friends. You might want to know that his friends are in college and still play Pokemon as a fun game.
It will take a very long time, so patience is key. But yes, I'm pretty sure :)
pika it is possible Otherwise how did I get one? it is very very hard though.
In Emerald? (LCB!)
I'm talking about Emerald.
So is LCB. He got a shiny Rayquaza in Emerald.
yup. I am still depressed about emerald breaking soon aftwerards >.>
Aw, I hate it when that happens...unless you lying...oh, wait, I can read minds. Your not!
My SlowBro really is wrong... I can't trust anything he says!