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Im talking about the 2nd generation pokeballs...they are Level ball,Lure ball,Moon ball,Friend ball,Love ball,Heavy ball,Fast ball and Sport ball....why they are no longer in the Pokemon games such as R/S/E ,D/Pr/Pl/SS/HG,B/W/B2/W2?
Please dont just tell me that GAMEFREAK wanted this way because I'm gonna freak out!

Technically they still exist in Gen 5 since you can transfer a Pokemon captured in one of Kurt's PokeBalls from HG/SS. Although I get the point.

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Gamefreak wanted it this way.
Just kidding :D

They did it like that so they could add different features to the games, instead of repeating the same feature over and over again. They wanted to take-out and add something in every different game. Also, Kurt the creator only lives in Johto, so you can't have that guy twice in two regions can you? :P

Source: I read it on some Pokemon magazine. I can't remember which one...

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:D Im not gonna freak out:Dthanks nice answer!
Thanks :3
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Those pokeballs is made by Kurt the pokeball creator. He lives in Johto, since you can't visit Kurt in the games exept HG/SS / G/S/C you can't get those pokeballs. thats just how gamefreak wanted it.

Actually, there is a way that they can do it. They can put a different guy in different reasons, but that was one of the features which they wanted to keep for HGSS/GSC exclusively, like the Pokewalker.
+1 to you anyway :P