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Which one is better in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Stat wise?

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I would say use Galade as it has a massive advantage over Heracross gym wise. Heracross is weak to most gyms or can not deal damage to most gyms. Thanks to Galades nice typing it can hit many gyms super effectively while not being walled by them.

Galade also has a nice wide movepool which is better in game.
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Just to go along with Blob's answer, Gallade has access to swords dance, that when paired with close combat/ brick break, night slash, and psycho cut let him sweep gym leaders and the elite four

Heracross also has Swords Dance :P
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People will hate this of me and I know galladle is better but in my opinion I would go with heracross. This isn't gym wise but pvp wise so you might enjoy this poke in pvp. One of the things that makes the Pokémon so good in my opinion is his ability's. We are mainly focusing on guts and moxie when not mega evolving. When it evolves, it gets a ability that could destroy many pokes which is Skill Link. With moves like bullet seed, pin missile, and rock blast, you know this thing will do some damage. But sadly you also need to notice his cons. 80 speed is pretty mediocre so it wont be out speeding too much. But still, even without mega evolving Heracross is one aggressive sweeper with access to other good moves like mega horn and close combat. like I said, both of his abilities (Moxie and Guts) further its sweeping capabilities. This is one Pokémon you can use yo deal a huge amount of damage but don't let it out against flying types.

He asked about Heart Gold. There was no moxie or mega evolution in Heart Gold.
Heracross is also just as bad pvp wise. Fire and flying typed Pokemon are on virtually every competitive team. Gallade is a much better choice.
In competitive battling (at least in singles), Heracross and Gallade are actually about the same. Heracross is better at surviving attacks that aren't super effective and one-shotting psychic type Pokemon.