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I find it unusual that I can't find anybody who uses Swalot, since Gulpin is just your average wild Pokemon. There's a cool trainer who uses Pinsir, so why not Heracross?
Note: I mean in battles that award experience, EVs, and money. So don't say I can find them in battle tents or the Battle Frontier.


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Turns out there are none.
source: searching "Hoenn Swalot lv." on Bulbapedia and scrolling though hundreds of results

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Well, I know there is a trainer with a Swalot somewhere, but you have to rematch them a couple times. Or you could catch a Gulpin on Route 110 and get it up to level 26 to evolve. For Heracross, no trainers have them, but you can find them in the Safari Zone. After you get an Acro Bike handy, go into the Safari Zone and go north. You'll see the Acro Bike tracks, and then traverse it. After you reach that area go into a grassy patch and hold B. You'll bounce in the grass while finding Pokemon without wasting steps. Note that Heracross are kinda rare, so you need patience. You can also find Phanpy in that area.

Hope I helped!
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Can you please look up where? I'm pretty sure that'll take less time than level grinding a Gulpin to level 26.