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I am fighting Bianca in white right now and I don't know what Pokemon to use against her level 18 Munna.

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Well that depends, generally a Pokemon at a similar level with a dark, ghost or bug type move. It depends on what Pokemon you have on you. If you have a Pokemon with a level around 24 or above that isn't particularly good or bad against a psychic type, you could try to win with brute force. If you added more information about your team, it could help, but if you want to train a completely new Pokemon, I'd suggest something along the lines of a yamask with hex or a better ghost type move if you can access one.

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Considering you are yet to get past castelia city, your options are limited, but there are some Pokemon that can help.

Herdier: learns the super effective dark type move bite, and is generally powerful. Can be found as a lillipup in routes one two and three

Watchog: similar to Herdier, it learns the super effective dark type move crunch. It is more powerful now but is weak in late game. Obtainable as patrat in routes 1 2 and 3 as well as the dreamyard

Purrloin/Liepard: as a dark type, it is immune to Munna's psychic type attacks. Like Watchog, liepard in powerful early on but weaker late game. Available on routes 2 and 3 and the dreamyard as purloin

Pan----: your monkey also learns bite, a supereffective move. Availble in pinwheel forest (rare) and given to you in the dreamyard.

Scraggy/Sandile/dwebble these three Pokemon hit psychic supereffectively with their dark and bug moves. Found in route four

Sewaddle & evolutions: have supereffective bug type moves. Found in pinwheel forest as sewaddle

These Pokemon may help you defeat munna. Hope this helped.