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i can't improve any of my flygons stats. is it because it is max? if so, what would the base stats be? I guess that is the real question

What are you doing to increase it's stats? Are you giving it Vitamins? Or are you levelling it up?
i tried everything....

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What level is it?

This happened to me once - sometimes when the level is high enough the stats go pretty high and vitamins are deemed useless - the only way to raise the stats are to level up. I had never used a vitamin on the Pokemon once, and it wouldn't 'have any effect'.

I can't say it can't be anything else - Flygon is somewhere at like Level 50, so I think I'm right. x)

Sorry :(

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it is lv 80
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Vitamins add 10 EVs of the Pokemon's respective stat (irons for defense) up to 100 EVs. If your Flygon's EVs are higher than that, vitamins won't work.