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Can you give an example?
Sky Uppercut can hit Pokemon while using Fly.

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I Dont really understand your question, but I think that I know what you mean. Don't downvote me if I'm wrong just flag or comment.

Do you mean "How can the fighting move Sky Uppercut hit Pokemon using fly"?

![enter image description here][1]

Sky Uppercut hits like this ^. The Pokemon using it also jump to hit it easier.

[1]: http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/40816000/gif/_40816398_uppercut_298_anim.gif

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I think snowla may also be talking about no guard machamp.  It can hit even when they are flying.
ok, for example: when my flying pokemon used fly,the fighting pokemon just attacked it using stone edge or somethimes with crosschomp as the flying pokemon was in mid air?
yeah snowla, did it happen to be a machamp?  If so its because it has no guard makes every move hit no matter what, even if you fly or dig or dive or whatever.
Gosh, that's kinda annoying? Thank you!
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It depends on if the fighting Pokemon has the ability no guard with that ability can hit you no matter what

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