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Mostly fighting types have hands and legs and can punch and kick. But some like Keldeo aren't upright (can't punch). Who are they?

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Human-like is an egg group! I think, in order to avoid confusion, it's better writing "Similar to humans" or something.
Also, Primates that comes under the group of Apes and Chimpanzees also has hands and legs and they can punch and kick too! (Ostriches and Emus can kick but they can't punch)!
So, please edit it!
I edited it already!
Well, I said to change this!
“Mostly fighting types have hands and legs (human-like) and can punch and kick.”
Now? Is it okay?
Yeah! Fine!

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Keldeo (Both Forms)
Falinks (Falinks is made up of 6 parts, and each of those parts are bipedal)
Zamazenta(Both Forms)

Non-Bipedal, but upright

Note: I am not considered Zapdos-G since its in-animation shows it standing.
If I missed any, please tell me. Also, if you believe these on the second list should/should not be counted, please tell me so I will remove them altogether.

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Both Monkeys and Humans are infact "Primates"! So Passimian......
However, Passimian is never upright.  It is always on all 4 limbs, or rather 3 and resting on something.  I do not believe that counts as bipedal.
But they don't stand upright or "bipedal"
But since Passimian is an Ape, it can actually stand upright (Though it doesn't in battle) thus they're!
It can be bipedal, but it never is, so it still shouldn't be included.
What about Hawlucha
Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I’m not sure if Falinks counts. Each individual of the line only has 2 legs and walks on them, and something that walks on 2 legs is bipedal. If you are counting it as a whole, then sure it’s not bipedal if you’re adding all the legs together. But since individual is bipedal I’m not sure if it can be listed here.
You are right about that!  I totally forgot about that with Falinks.   I will keep it On the list, but with a note.