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I just can't stand looking at a Machamp and wondering: "Why does he have P on his belt?". (Okay, I have to admit that sounded wrong.)

P = Punch maybe? Lol just a thought but meh I'm to lazy to find your answer sorryq xD

Machamp got that medal on his belt in Diamond/Pearl games. might have some significance, I dunno.
The Ken Sugimori art from FR/LG had the 'P' on the belt as well, so it didn't get it in D/P.
I hope it means poo
P is the first letter in Pokemon.  :P

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The "P" on his belt could possibly stand for "Power", as if you read it's Pre-Evolution, Machok's PokeDex entries about his belt, they refer to it as a device "saving it's power"

Machoke's Emerald PokeDex Entry
> Its muscular body is so powerful, it must wear a power-save belt to be able to regulate its motions.

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that and several articles have said that it wears it as a "power-reducing" belt to inhibit its great power. Sources were sketchy though >.>
The "P" could stand for "Pokemon"?
I had one other idea, but female mechamp do exist.