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A problem with Cynthia in White 2?

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For some reason I can't battle Cynthia right now, even though my DS is set to summer (she's battle-able everyday in spring & summer right?). She's there in her villa in Undella, but when I talk to her she doesn't offer to battle me. She keeps talking about her swim suits...

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She wont battle you during summer. Even though shes in the house during summer she wont battle you. Shes there on vacation for summer and will only battle you during spring. So if you want to battle her, you'll have to change the date to spring.

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TY; Serebii said summer as well, so I thought there was something wrong with my game.
shes never battled me in summer either so your game is fine
Ask that on chat unless it's a gym challenge and you can't find the gym leader.
-.- I'm not judging you. I'm curious.
115? I assume you meant 15? What does that have to do with it? I have no idea how old you are.