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In diamond pearl I know the ai is stupid is there a way to confsuse it no ar in battle tower?

What is the ai?
computer player.
There is most likely some way to hack it. But I don't know how.
The AI isn't stupid. The game purposely makes the game easy.
It can be a lot smarter if it wanted to.
Generally the battle tower AI is trickier. The tower boss in Pearl whipped out a Cresselia on me that was as good as most reasonably skilled players. AI ain't big on switching out, though. Mostly only switch when they use baton pass and moves like that.
I didn't read xD lol my bad

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Yes... and no. I'll explain. As a computer, Ai takes a while to learn, so if you send out a Storm Drain Pokemon, ai may use a water type move for a few turns before it figures it out. If you want to force them into using struggle, try encore and disable, because they sometimes dont switch out in situations like that or Perish Song. I hope I helped.