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(So this is hard to explain, but bear with me)

So let's say my Dragonite uses Outrage and gets locked into for 3 turns.
But on the first turn, my opponent uses Confuse Ray and my Dragonite gets confused during the first turn of Outrage.
Since Confusion lasts 1-4 attacking turns, and assuming if during all those turns of Outrage my Dragonite doesn't attack himself, will my Dragonite be able to cancel the confusion fatigue at the end of the third attack from Outrage where its supposed to happen, when the confusion I'm already inflicted with cures that very turn?


Turn 1:
Pichu uses Confuse Ray.
Dragonite becomes confused (1); Dragonite uses Outrage (1).

Turn 2:
Pichu eats a banana.
Dragonite is confused (2); Dragonite uses Outrage (2).

Turn 3:
Pichu smiles cutely.
Dragonite is confused (3); Dragonite uses Outrage (3).

Turn 4:
Pichu wonders what would happen.
- Dragonite snaps out of confusion? and becomes able to do whatever
- Dragonite gets confused by fatigue anyways and the Confusion counter is reset (1)?

Very good question! I laughed at the Pichu part! x3

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Yes it would be cancled if you were already confused. However if you snap out of confutation before,he will become confused again.Hoped I helped.

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I'd like to know what happens on the fourth turn not the third turn.
That was the point of the question.
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As always, if something tries to confuse your Pokemon, the message will say, "(Pokemon) is already confused," so he or she will not become confused when Dragonite is finished using Outrage. On the next turn, the game will say,
"Dragonite snapped out of confusion."
"Dragonite is confused! Dragonite hurt itself in confusion!"
"Dragonite is confused! Dragonite used (next move)," and on the fifth time, when you use a move, Dragonite will be free from confusion.
Of course, you'd be very lucky to resist confusion 4 turns in a row.

In conclusion, yes, you can cancel Outrages fatigue confusion.

Hope I ansewered your question ;D