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[email protected] Band. Chlorophyll
Horn Leech
Jump Kick
Wild Charge/Double Edge

Please tell me which move and why. Thanks for all of your help.

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I would personally go for Double Edge.

Sawsbuck gets STAB which adds a wicked boost. And with Horn Leech as recovery you don't need to worry about recoil damage.

With a base 100 Atk on Sawsbuck, 120 power from Double Edge, STAB and Band boost you're looking at a scary attack.

Double Edge: 180 base power with STAB
Sawsbuck: 492 Attack stat with Band

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Wild charge,It takes care of pesky flying types I hope I helped
It also has less recoil

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Don't forget that wild Charge has less recoil.
i'm gonna add that right now