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I HATE to cheat, but Earthquake and Stone-Edge cost SOOOOOO much, and I just want to play without wasting time at the Battle Frontier in HG. So, how do you clone TM's?

Are you thinking of Pokemon Black and White, where TMs can be used multiple times just like HMs?

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I have heard nothing on this, but it might possibly be part of the Pokemon cloning trick. However, this involves cloning one of your Pokemon, so comment if you still want to know what to do. I consider it cheating however.

Oh, like that, ok. I saw how to do THAT
Note that I am not positive that this will duplicate the held item, seeing as I have never done it myself. I only know of the Cloning from a smogon article.
Cloning was possible in the original RBY games, but back then pokemon couldn't hold items. Of course the Missingno trick fixed that up...
I don't remember ever hearing of any cloning methods, besides Action Replay of course.
No, you can clone items too. in ruby/saphire, and emerald. and I think it could work in hg/ss.
Having knowledge on hacking myself; yes, it's possible to clone Pokemon and their hold items on the Gen IV games. You do it by means of the GTS.

Youtube it.