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I already know dragon claw, shadow claw( have six know lol :), and flash cannon


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Day 1st prize 2nd prize 3rd prize

Sunday-TM (dragon claw) Luxury ball aspear berry
Monday-Tm (shadow claw) nest ball Cheri berry
Tuesday Tm (flash cannon) repeat ball chesto berry
Wednesday (Charge beam) net ball Oran berry
Thursday TM (drain punch) net ball pecha berry
Friday TM (facade) dusk ball persim berry
Saturday TM (silver wind) Timer ball rawst berry


This has more info so choose this for the best answer. Ready for Froslass DT?
You know it! also, sorry to hear about you having pneumonia. Hope you're doing better.
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I love the daily drawing! I get so many berries, Poke Balls, and TMs. You get:

Dragon Claw: Sunday
Facade: Friday
Charge Beam: Wednesday
Drain Punch: Thursday
Shadow Claw: Monday
Flash Cannon: Tuesday
Silver Wind: Saturday