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I want to get some TMs for my pokemon like earthquake or Rock slide. I have a TON of money and I could play the lottery drawing in the Goldenrod Department Store for hours to get the top prize. But when and what date in the year could I get each Tm? Any day is fine because I could just adjust the time on my ds to get the tm I want.

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By the way you can't just adjust the time on your DS, I think the game locks you out of timer events for 24 hours if you do that. To stop people cheating I suppose ;)

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To answer the question directly, the top prizes are:
Sunday: Dragon Claw
Monday: Shadow Claw
Tuesday: Flash Cannon
Wednesday: Charge Beam
Thursday: Drain Punch
Friday: Facade
Saturday: Silver Wind

I don't think you can get another Rock Slide, but you can get Earthquake in the Battle Frontier for 80 BP. You can also get it from a pokemon with the Pickup ability, but their level has to be really high, IIRC.