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I was wondering if there are any Pokemon besides Shaymin possible to get through glitching in Pokemon White 2. Also, if you know how to get them, please tell how! Thanks in advanced! (Sorry if you don't have complete understanding of the question. If you don't I will try to fix it!)

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The first two are hacks, and the third one is waaaaay tooooo blury for me to even see what is going on... Also, hacks aren't glitches.
There is a Q I had and the answer gives u a link. But u need Wi-Fi to preform the glitch.
Here it is
That isn't really a glitch more of hacking. But I guess it doesn't matter...
The Shaymin thing isn't really a glitch. Pokegen works the same way, but you make your own Pokemon.
It's a hack!? Ugh, how could I believe a hack is a glitch!?

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yeah its called missingno
heres how to get it

sorry if it doesnt link
here is a glitch mewtwo too
P.S. I accidently put this as a comment too

Awesome! +1 for understanding and adding a few more links just for showing!
Umm... The first one is a Hack... The second one is an Emulator.... And the third one, I don't know what is going on... Also, the third one doesn't show a bottom portion and the screen is curved, so I'm in belief the third on is coming from a computer monitor... None of these are glitches...