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it just doesn't make any sense

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Well, Jirachi's arrival coincides with the arrival of a comet. While having a mystical (psychic) quality in most mythologies, in real life comets are composed of ice and metallic elements (steel). As for doom desire, game freak already has a gen 3 event Pokemon with a base 140 power psychic move (deoxys, psycho boost) so they probably didn't want another. Also, steel is Jirachi's primary type.

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Doom Desire actually causes a bunch of comets to be launched. So Doom Desire is Steel for the same reason Jirachi is Steel.
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I reason to believe that Game Freak wanted to have that move to be a steel type. Also if it was any other type, Jirachi won't get the STAB from the move. If it was a psychic type move, then it would be a stronger clone of future sight. Like all moves, Doom Desire is at at the hands of Game Freak and are open to their minds.

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