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Nope, but you can transfer:
generation 2 >1
generation 3 >4
generation 4 >5

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You can only trade with games that are in the same Generation as each other (e.g. Gen 5 can only trade with Gen 5, Gen 3 can only trade with Gen 3). Two main reasons are:

  • Stats worked differently in Gens 1 and 2, so trading an old Pokemon to a later game would break a few things.
  • You would be able to trade Pokemon from a newer game that were not programmed into an older game.
  • Older games that work only on old consoles have no way of communicating with newer games.

You can migrate Pokemon from Gen 3 to Gen 4/5, but they cannot be sent back once done. You can also transfer Pokemon from Gen 4 to Gen 5, but Pokemon sent cannot be sent back.

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