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Mew does. In fact, Mew can learn every move with exceptions(Draco meteor, the elemental beams and signature moves).

Other than Mew there (are) is another Pokemon

KlingKlang (and it's evolution line)

They learn:

  • Volt switch
  • Wild charge
  • Thunderbolt
  • Discharge
  • Charge
  • Magnet rise
  • Thundershock
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what are the elemental beams? and just because Mew learns every move doesn't mean it can use them, e.g. attract
and thundershock

and the elemental beams are:frenzy plant, Blast burn, Hydro cannon
oh those elemental beams, i thot u meant ice beam and T-bolt, i was like whaaaaat?
Lol, Imagine Mew without the capability of learning ice beam and thunderbolt xP