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For my Arbok in HeartGold, I want it to know this move set:
Gunk Shot
Ice Fang

For It's fourth move I can't decide between Fire Fang and Thunder Fang. Or is there a different move I should teach it? I'm also confused on what level Arbok learns all three fang moves. I would really appreciate the help & thanks in advanced!


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It learns them at Lv. 1 which means you need a Move Relearner. Go Fire Fang so you're not cornered by Steel types.


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I can't believe I forgot Fire moves are strong against steel types! Thanks! ^_^
The most steel types has a very good defence stat so fire fang is not a very good way to cover it.
Welcome lol don't worry I can't believe things either lol
Really in game the only notable steel types you'll be battling are jasmine's team, and bronzong, forretress and lucario in the elite four (they are not present at the same time). I personally prefer earthquake for steel types, but fire fang should work fine.