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I'm chaining for a shiny pikachu in Diamond but my chain always breaks early like at 5. I'm doing everything you're supposed to do. Repel, no bike, 4 patches away, you know all that stuff. I've also got a raichu with static to help attract the pikachu. Any help?

I have a shiny event pichu up for trade in Pokemon White or you can make baby eggs of raichu and get a higher chance of obtaining a shiny.
so, can i have that event pichu?
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I go with Eevee here... I really think this should be a comment...
Me too. That isn't exactly an answer other than the breeding part...

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Depending on the game, you could try to breed the Raichu with the egg charm and hope you get lucky, Or you could get the shiny charm and keep trying to catch a shiny Pikachu. Though these charms may work for you, they are hard to get and might only be exclusive to B/W and B/W2.
Hope this helps:)

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