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I have been building a team on paper to use in black and want a stall and an eelektross to do it. I noticed its great stats for the job(as well as no weaknesses):
-hp 85
-attack 115
-defense 80
-special attack 105
-special defense 80
-and speed 50
A moveset I have been pondering is;thunderbolt, flamethrower, substitute and rest

Can this work in game and/or possibly in competitive?


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Eelektross could possibly run an effective set similar to yours above, a stall set, though there are better stall Pokemon out there. However with no weaknesses and decent defenses it just might work. Here's a bulky substitute sweeper set that works off eelektross's best assets (its attack, bulk, and interesting movepool.

[email protected]
Ability: Levitate
Drain punch

Invest in hp, attack and special defense. Coil will boost attack and defense, allowing you to tank hits. A well timed substitute will allow you to get more coil boosts or take down a dangerous, faster enemy. Thunderpunch provides reliable stab, becoming quite powerful after a boost or two, and drain punch provides a means of recovery.

Hope this is what you're looking for.

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How does it learn the two punches?
move tutor
I have black 1 so there is no move tutor.
trade to black or white 2, learn the moves, trade back. Simple as that
Just a note: Golurk is immune to that set.
Ah yes. Ice punch is an option over drain lunch if you dont mind losing recovery. It also creates a pseudo bolt beam combo
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it might if it has coil to raise defense accuracy and as well as attack. if it knows coil and zap cannon it might be a staller.

Which move should coil replace?
it needs to be an Eelecktrik to learn coil
and I suggest forget rest cause zap cannon cripples the opponent every time it hits and that's what coil is there for.
I said above that I would like to teach it thunderbolt, flamethrower, rest and substitute.
and forget tbolt cause it will learn ZAP CANNON
I know that Coil raises its accuracy, but with Zap Cannon being special, you've wasted the attack boosts. Might as well just go for Thunderpunch.