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What is the logic I dont understand it

I think somebody on the site once asked "Ever tried punching a bird." The Game Freak logic may very well be that it is very difficult to punch a bird.

Another theory is that the people at Game Freak are Hitchcock fans.

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My Illogical Theory
By 'Olumni.

I think it's because of the fact that 'Fighting' is mostly directed at human-like Pokemon, and 'Flying' is referring to birds.
How my theory works is that humans cannot kill birds when they are up in the air, really really high up in the air.

Well, that's my theory. xD
Hope I helped somehow. :)

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This is a good explanation of why fighting is not very effective against flying. But the question says, "Why would flying type be super effective against fighting"... Don't get me wrong, I'm not criticizing. Juts thought I'd point that out :D
My explanation is very indirect. But yet again, it is 'my illogical theory'. xD
Relating to this, throughout human evolution, birds of prey consistently predated our young or even adults, even up until 1000 years ago when giant eagles threatened the people of New Zealand. I guess you could call these birds' attacks "supereffective"
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To begin I must say that I am a mythology freak and see mythology in everything.

Zeus (flying), Ares (fighting), Hephaestus ((fire), rock and steel)

I made a link between Ares and fighting types for the following reasons:
-He is the god of war
-He is aggressive
-He is precise and compact
-He wasn't really mentally powerful

Ares has a lot of similarities to fighting types first of all him being the god of war. He was a very aggressive bloodlusting god that saw killing or hurting as the only option (fighting types). Easily being outsmarted by agiler, older more experienced gods Ares might have been the god of war but could mentally and physically easily be destroyed

Zeus as the flying type seems clear to me. First of all he is the god of the sky. A cunning, decisive, agile, sly, wise, powerful god (trait of flying types). Comparable to birds Zeus knew when to strike at the right moment. His attacks were not always powerful but because he could easily hit weak points (abilities that come to mind: Big Pecks, Keen eye, Super luck,...) they where always critical. Often turning into an eagle when he needed to outsmart an aggressive or warlusting situation.

Hephaestus is my counter to Zeus. Not that he was more powerful then Zeus but was one of Zeus's favourites, even though he wasn't his son. His blacksmith. Hephaestus often got away when he was in trouble and never got punished that hard (rock, steel resisting flying type attacks). But then again Ares was Hephaestus's biggest enemy due to the fact of him sleeping with Hephaestus's wife, Aphrodite. For this reason Ares was also more of a counterfeiter to Hephaestus and easily countering him (rock and steel are weak against fighting types)

This seems logic to me but this is just my theory

Short trivia:

Zeus beats Ares but isn't very effective against Hephaestus
Ares beats Hephaestus due to him steeling his beloved Aphrodite

Hope this made some sense

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You have to make your own logic really. some do make sense and others you have to give your own reasons. Kinda like psychic-bug where I figured bug means bugging psychics and throwing off their concentration.Only Gamefreak can really confirm why.

these are all very good answers. in addition, i'd like to add my own, though i appologise if it doesn't make much sense. i think that since these games were mady by japan... or was it china? excuse my ignorance, i'm not very good at that. anyway, because of this, i think they based most weaknesses on either their cultural beliefs or the stregnths and or weaknesses of the animals, plants and bugs that live there. i haven't researched the weakness logic, but a lot of what i've seen from the pokemon games seems very similar to it.