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I was looking at a review of them and at one point the person in the video started talking about fakes and I started getting worried so I need some help here, I bought them from amazon.co.uk about half a year ago

My Pokemon Ruby looks practically like this:
enter image description here

It works fine, I've beat the elite four over and over again, it saves fine.

Pokemon Sapphire
enter image description here

Same for sapphire, works fine

Pokemon leafgreen
enter image description here

Works fine aswell.

I ordered Pokemon emerald which should arrive in a week so I'll probably put up another question but are these games legit (I found the photos off the internet but I chose ones that look the most like mine)

It looks legit. Google images says so. I'm pretty sure this is legit. But I'm not going to answer this question, Just in case :)
How much did you buy them for?
Yeah most likely legit. I have a friend who has the games on his GBA and the games look exactly like the ones that he has.
Well I bought them used cause there aren't any new ones of them in existence and they would be WAY too expensive I bought them used for maybe between 10-20 euros, not much
Here's a tip: If your leafgreen's color is the same as your emerald, instead of solid colored, it's a fake. I know from experience.
I bought pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald for 5 dollars. They were fake.
well as i said, i bought each one seperately for about 10-20 euros and they were used of course but i bought them in the best condition off amazon.co.uk and they seem to be normal. they work fine, the story is normal.

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I wouldn't worry.
My family is a family that buys anything you can imagine from those sites like eBay, Amazon, Pickles... you know. xD

Your games are probably legit as legit can be.
You can watch those 'Let's play -game-!' videos on YouTube to see if the game play matches your game. Though from a family like that, I doubt it's fake. So yeah.

Legit as legit can be. xD
Hope I Helped. :)

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Yay! :D they're real