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I have ruby and sapphire which are definetly real cause they have no signs that they are fake but my leafgreen and emerald don't have the number which you can see when you hold the game in a light and you see a number under the label, they also have the nintendo seal which is different, they both say official nintendo seal while the real ones say official nintendo seal of quality, another thing is, my emerald and leafgreen both say the Pokemon company at the bottom on top of nintendo and my others dont. Another thing I noticed is that the product code is differnet, my leafgreen says AGB-BPGE-USA, my emerald says AGB-BPEE-USA, while my real ruby says ABG-AXVE-USA, so are my leafgreen and emerald fake?


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Well, Yes it probably is fake
I actually don't think the label has anything to do with it however, as I have a Pokemon Quartz Cartridge (Which is not an official Pokemon game :P) which says 'Official Nintendo Seal of Quality'. However, a real game should have The Pokemon Company next to Nintendo.
Another way to check is the model number on the back of the cartridge;
>The model number - On the back of each Gameboy Advance cartridge, there is a model number. Every Pokémon game's model number is "AGB-002". If your begs to differ, than its probably a fake, for example, my fake Emerald says "AGB-004, rather than -002.

Anyway the following websites might help, since I could be wrong.
Bloop 1 and Bloop 2